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Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

Vatsala Cooking School

Vatsala Cooking School, the first initiative of its kind in the city on a school campus, opened on 10th October 2019. This is yet another addition to the range of activities that we have facilitated in the recent past in our constant drive to fully utilize our existing campus infrastructure and enhancing the educational experience of children in a holistic manner. After starting on campus farming, now Shreyas children will have a fully equipped facility to learn to cook nutritious food. In addition to the cooking school, we have also created a canteen and dining area for our faculty of 200 plus staff.

Besides cooking classes for Shreyas students, we will also hold regular cooking workshops for the general public. Through this initiative our aim is to inculcate healthy cooking and eating habits, something that is the need of the hour in today’s times. Vatsala Cooking School will endeavour to teach people how to experiment with various common healthy ingredients and ways to incorporate these recipes in their daily diet.

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